bye bye havana cuba documentary
  58 min., English/Spanish (opt. subtitles)

  Nothing has changed. For all Havana's crumbling structures and piles of rubble, its disintegrating roads and toxin-belching jalopies, its plethora of armed policemen and sun-bleached billboards espousing their pat, revolutionary slogans, it attracts over a million pink-skinned, camera-toting, snack-munching mojito-swilling tourists each year.

  Cuba stands pummeled by an unworkable socialism and a voracious consumer appetite. What began over 60 years ago seems spent, "patriotism or death" are simply not enough. Cubans want other choices, other points of view, and they can't wait any longer.

  Bye Bye Havana is 90 miles from being political. This fast-paced stream of consciousness documentary presents a unique flavor of irony, carried by an eclectic soundtrack featuring Latin Grammy Nominee X Alfonso, hip hop by Free Hole Negro, pianist Roberto Carcasses and jazz poet Telmary.

  Filmmaker J. Michael Seyfert, a constant commuter between journalism and the creative arts, is leaving behind the limitations of entertainment in favor of a more substantial task: to meaningfully and directly affect the plight of his subjects through his work.