Love in the Time of Coca Cola a film by J. Michael Seyfert

The U.S. divorce rate is way over 50%.

Reportedly, most American men hate their marriages to American women,
"who have devolved into bitter, controlling, spiteful, fat, lazy,
manipulative bitches who feel entitled to the good life at the
expense of their husband's health, happiness and well-being."

Claiming that feminism destroyed "real men" we focus on a few that
have opted for foreign mail order brides and follow them to Colombia.


Radical, philosophical comedy documentary
fusion about sexism, gender supremacy and
the relentless pursuit of happiness.

DESEO = Spanish = Desire, Wish

Interpersonal attraction
Lust, intense craving for self gratification
Libido, sexual desire
Greed, selfish pursuit of wealth, power, or possessions
Want, in economics
Preference, on which microeconomic theory is based
Motivation, thought that leads to an action

Love in the Time of Coca Cola (El Amor en los Tiempos de Coca Cola) watch online